Hey all,
I've had a frustrating week (not going to get into details, but just basically sick of CF), and forgot to tell everyone how my appointment last Thursday went.

It was no surprise that my PFTs were down about 20%, based on how I was feeling. I'm actually surprised they stayed that high (March, they were in the 90's, this time they were in the 70's). While 70's aren't my BEST, they aren't my WORST either. I was prescribed with oral antibiotics, a pill (Levaquin) only once a day. Yay! I'm also continuing inhaled antibiotics (TOBI), which I normally take every other month anyways.

BUT, I'm thankful that I won't have to change my wardrobe for IV's (confused? Here's a hint: my portacath is placed in a place where having it accessed means it's more comfortable to wear sports bras for 3 weeks. No me gusta.) Plus, I avoided the hospital and having to take a bath for 3 weeks. No me gusta tambien. So, all in all, a good and productive appointment.

Since I'm on the subject of doctors, I must say, I absolutely LOVE the new doctor (well, not really new anymore, but new to us since we've only seen her a couple times). Her name is Dr. Moser. She's a petite little spitfire of a doctor---just our type! She jumps on to ideas my mom has...not crazy ideas, just productive and GOOD ideas, that other doctors like Dr. Y would ignore. *Plays wicked witch theme*. Haha :D. Like, when my mom told her she supplemented me with 50,000 IUs of Vit. D a day for a month, she thought it was a great move on our part. I love equal patient-doctor relationships! My endocrinologist is also this way. How funny, they're both asian. I love asians. :D

Anyways, I'm glad I'm past this giving up stage of my CF teen life. I mean, for now at least. It's good to know I snapped out of it. Maybe it was the church this morning that switched my thinking. Love you God :).

I thought this quote/picture thingy would be appropriate for how I'm feeling :)

Anywhosers, adios world :)