Visitors :)

5 weeks of IVs,
one ER visit,
5 days in the hospital,
up to 4 treatments a day,
and my PFTs are not improved.

So, the plan now is, I'm getting a bronchoscopy done (they go into my lungs, get a good culture, and flush things out), CT scan, bloodwork, and chest X-ray. Also, I'm starting inhaled coly & cayston, and am replacing my advair discus with a new inhaler.


The Epitome of Strength

Posted on 1/04/2011 08:21:00 PM In: , , , , ,
How do you articulate the love and admiration you feel for someone close to you?
How can you fully show an outside party the strength and courage this person holds?
You truly have to know Annie to understand both what this amazing woman goes through and see how gracefully she deals with it.

"I have had brain cancer four times within an 8 year span. I am a strong woman and a fighter who will not back down from this horrid disease. I have much more to accomplish in this life time.. my story continues.."

Annie is the mom of my boyfriend, Spencer, who I've been with for almost a year. When I first met her, I thought she was one of the most vivacious and loving people I have ever met (and that impression hasn't changed one bit). She was overpowering her tumor with a firm confidence and a strong trust in God.

Over the year that I have known the Bowen's, I've gradually seen the degeneration of Annie's physical strength (note the emphasis on physical, as opposed to, say, mental or spiritual). When I first met them, she was able to drive a car; now, she cannot walk around her house on her own. The evil wrath of her cancer has taken it's toll on her, yet, she is still optimistic. "I have much more to accomplish in this life time.. my story continues..".

Annie Bowen is the epitome of strength. How else can I say it? So, to Annie, I say thank you, for being an inspiration to me, and I want you to know that you are blessing to everyone who knows you. Stay hopeful.

Love always,