This is for ALL who are INTERESTED;
it's a list of the medications/therapies I take (that is, when I am healthy. I didn't list any IV medications or oral antibiotics).
I'm not complaining :). I'm only writing out this list so people understand how we manage CF on a day-to-day basis. It sounds like a lot, but in reality, it's all routine to me.

On a normal school day:

wake up at 6:15;
-Albuterol inhaler
-test blood sugar
-Pulmozyme (inhaled breathing treatment-5 minutes long)
-Hypertonic Saline (inhaled breathing treatment-15 minutes long)
-VEST (a machine that shakes mucus out of me, done w/ breathing treaments)
-take pills: 1 crataegus, 2 magnesium, 3 enzymes, 2 ABDEK multivits, 1 vit. D for a grand total of 9.
-Cayston (inhaled breathing treament [ANTIBIOTIC]-2 minutes)
-sinus rinse

after school;
M, W, F - zithromax (pill)
Cayston (inhaled breathing treatment [ANTIBIOTIC])
-2-3 enzymes with any food

dinner time;
-test blood sugar
-take 22 units of Lantus insulin (shot)
-pills: crataegus, omeprazole, 3 enzymes

-Albuterol inhaler
-Hypertonic Saline
-VEST (with treatments again)
-sinus rinse

then I lay my head on my pillow,
drift into unconsciousness,
wake up hours later,
and start again :)