Why am I here?
If our destination is to be with the Lord,
and the way to get there is to Believe, and then die, then
Why do we wait so long?
Why do we go through struggles, and pain, and stress,
Why do we go through sadness, and sickness, and crying fits,
If all of us Believers go to the same place,
Why do we wait so long?
Why not now?
I don't get it.
I'm supposed to work hard every day.
I'm expected to throw my social life out the window.
I'm forced to breathe differently.
Am I supposed to keep myself healthy?
Or am I supposed to live my life to the fullest?
I'm confused.
I want so badly to give up.
I want so badly to live, and then die
Like any normal person would.
I'm not wanting to die now,
so don't misinterpret.
I just need some enlightenment.
Some motivation to live.
Someone to just explain,