What are earthquakes? Earthquakes are the movement of the Earth's plates, causing disaster and destruction surrounding the epicenter. When an earthquake occurs, many people panic and worry for the next day or so, but what they don't prepare themselves for is what's coming next: the aftershocks.

These evil little spurts of catastrophe can be as powerful-or even more powerful- than the initial quake. Did anybody ever stop to think, maybe these rhythmic natural disasters resemble our life more than we thought?

I thought everything was beginning to return back to normal. I didn't brace myself for this aftershock.

It hit me hard, like a baseball bat over the head. I can't remember if it was as worse as the first earthquake, back almost 3 weeks ago on May 1st, because most of the memories of it are blurred now. All I know is that these aftershocks are causing damage.

She was a mentor, a friend, and an amazing advocate for CF. While I couldn't talk to her face-to-face (cystic fibrosis restricts that), I still found joy in talking to her over the web. Even in her toughest moments, she held on with a strong grasp, and always had a smile on her face. I wish I could say the same for myself right now.

I love you, Emily Haager.

Rest in peace.