Hey guys :)
Some of you may have noticed I haven't posted in a while (yes, a week and a half is a while for me). That is the fault of FINALS *shutters*. I'm done with school, finally, and I feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Anyways, time to catch up!

Saturday, June 12th:

That morning, I went surfing with Mauli Ola. I lovelovelove it. I've missed surfing SO much, and I feel amazing afterwards. All of you cysters and fibros wouldn't believe how awesome my sinuses feel after a session. Anyways, I also love seeing those Mauli Ola boys :). We went to Newport; it was really choppy and the waves were being annoying, but there were 2 pluses:

1. I got this cute senior (just ended junior yr) to be my instructor. He's from North Carolina. :D

2. There were dolphins that swam 10 feet in front of me!

So yeah. I hope I get to go out more often this summer!

So, a hot shower and a long nap later, my sister and mom went to FishFest :). The Fish is a Christian radio station that holds a festival with all these artists and bands playing. It was super fun. We met our friends there, who have a son my age and a daughter younger than me both with CF. Don't worry, we kept our distances. :P

                                               A view of the crowd from our seats :)

                               Speaking of Mauli Ola...:) (Abby, holding balloon, has CF)

Anywho, I slept well that night.
Mon. June 14, Tues. June 15, Wed. June 16:

Testing. Boo. I studied like crazy.

Wednesday was the last day of school :). I went over to my friend Mikayla's house for swimming and chilling and yeah. Summertime bliss.

My first jumping into a pool of summer 2010 :) [Mikayla in the background]

Thursday, June 17th (Yesterday):
The first day of summer! I slept in, wore pajamas all day, and made a stop motion in honor of the season:

(For those of you are are my facebook friend, you may have already seen this.)
Amateur. :P. Hopefully not for long...

Friday, June 18th (Present):
Hung out today, woke up semi-early (9:15) and felt very organized because I didn't put my treatments off until 11 or 11:30. (indulgence into the secret life of Carly Lindmeier). I got blood drawn, but no biggy. Just to retest for Vitamin D levels. After, my brother Matt, mom and our friend who is a year older than Matt (Lauren) rode beach cruisers down to Albertson's and ate fudgesicles. Yum :D

                                           They're so cute I can't stand it sometimes :D

Alright, I'm gonna go watch Lost with the family. We're watching every season. Almost done with season uno :)
Adios, lovelies!