So you're probably wondering what I mean by "the banana diet". My mom got a HUGE box of bananas from a friend. Seriously, I've never seen so many bananas before. It's kind of awesome! I love bananas. So, I'm going to be very potassiummy by the time that box is empty.


Also, last Sunday, I went stand up paddling with the CF Foundation Southern California chapter, who created the event to promote their surfing gala, Pipeline to a Cure, which is occuring in July. It was SO fun. Definitely doing it again in the future. The place we went to was at a bay, and was very close to the place my Dad's side of the family goes camping each convinient :). While there, I got to reconnect with a bunch of people, which was another plus.

Anyways, I had TWO doctor's appointments today--a CF follow-up appointment for my sick appointment a couple weeks ago, and a sinus appointment to see whats up with these headaches.

My CF appt was better than the last one for a lot of reasons:

1. My PFT's are slightly up. Not drastically, but they are definitely in the right direction. I'm continuing Levaquin and breathing abx until my cycle for both is over (10 more days or so).

2. My sputum culture shows that I only have just 1 STRAIN OF PSEUDOMONAS. Wow. Last culture, I had 3. I'm really pumped, and eager to blast this bug out. If I can do that, I'll be PA free for the first time in YEARS. :D

3. Cayston is approved! Those w/out CF don't even KNOW how gross TOBI is...not to mention, how long it takes! Cayston will be replacing TOBI. Yay! I was on the Azli study (Cayston before it was approved), but got sick right afterward, so we all just assumed I was on the placebo. So, with that said, I don't actually know how the Cayston will work for me. I'm hoping and thinking it will be good, because its used with a different machine that makes the breathing treatments take less than 5 MINUTES. HALLELUJAH.

4. I got a lot of compliments for my compliance with CF today. Thanks everyone, but I must say, I would not be this way without my family, more especially, my mom. She is amazing, and pushes me to my limits. That, my friend, is a GOOD thing. Because of her, I am alive and healthy. Love you, Madre.

Okay, now for sinuses:

I told my ENT about my sinus symptoms, and he wants my lungs to be in better shape before he does anything...SO, once I finish my cycle of Levaquin, I'm getting a CT scan. I'll update you guys once that happens.

That's pretty much all I have to say for today. Love you all!


P.S. I just reread this post, and realized that anyone without cystic fibrosis would be very confused.

sputum culture= a "test" the lab does on mucus in my lungs to see what bacterias are growing in my lungs.

PFTs= stands for Pulmonary Function Test. It is a test done by me to see how good my lung function is. It's interpreted by calculating the percent of lung capacity I'm using based on what's expected. (Ex.: Today one of my PFTs were 87%. This means I am using 87% of what is expected of a 15 year old, 5'1", 120 lb. female's lungs).

Pseudomonas (PA)= a bacteria commonly found in my lungs, which causes lung infections like bronchitis

strains= Each strain is a different "species" of a bacteria (PA, in this case), which may or may not need to be treated with different antibiotics.

TOBI= a breathing treatment I take every other month. It is an antibiotic. I started my month-on, month-off cycle early to get rid of bacteria such as PA

Levaquin= an antibiotic in the form of a pill that I'm taking in addition to TOBI to get rid of bacteria such as PA
Cayston= a breathing treatment that would be replacing TOBI. It's used with an eFlow, versus my normal nebulizer, and reduces the treatment time from 20+ minutes to 5.

Hope this helps!