Today, I went to a surprise party for one of my best friends, Kana. It was coordinated by my other friend, therefore, more friends were there. It was fun :). I thought I might include this in my post because it was an overall awesome day spent with buddies, which was nice since it gave us a chance to see each other before a lot of us (including me) leave on vacation.

Kana left, me right.
"Best friends forever even after we die and go to a better place",

So, this evening, I had an interesting train of thought. It kind of "woke me up", in a sense. Maybe that's not the right phrase. It was more like an reminder of the past few months I've been living. I had this train of thought about Pipeline To A Cure. I started thinking about how sad it would be, with the big loss to the CF community. This is how my mind 'said' it:

"It's going to be so sad this year. I wonder how Emily is going to be able to write her speech".

It popped into my mind so quickly, that I didn't even realize what I had just thought. It won't be Emily. It will be ABOUT Emily.

Interesting, huh? Maybe this means I think about her so much sub-consciously that she's still alive to me. She is alive to me. Just not in the normal human form.

Anyways, I thought I would share that tidbit. Why? Well, why not? ...I mean, a blog is for blogging about what's on a person's mind. That was on my mind.

I guess that's it. Have a good father's day tomorrow everyone :).