Today, I am at home. I'm on IV antibiotics. The cold tightens my lungs, and my back has been aching constantly.
It's the last day of school before winter break. I miss school. I'm going to do 2 weeks of school work over break. wooooo.
My friends are probably exchanging gifts right now. I told my boyfriend to pick mine up for me because I'll be seeing him over break for sure. Hopefully he remembered.
The rain has been coming down nonstop all day. I love the rain. Maybe I'll bundle up multiple layers of winter clothes and sit in it. I haven't showered today anyways...haha.
My doggie is curled up sleeping peacefully next to me. She is a perfect little oval of rusty brown hair. 
My iTunes is on shuffle. "Old Soul Song (For the New World Order)" is playing. It's by Bright Eyes.
There's hot chocolate in my pantry. I've decided I'm going to make hot chocolate with peppermint mocha coffee creamer.
Our Christmas tree is really pretty. I put the lights up myself. LED, baby.
Well, there's not much to write about. I'm off to go make my hot chocolate. Yum.