It's a bit late, but my body is on a weird sleeping schedule, thanks to my IVs, so I'm not very tired.

I'm really sick of so many things. Mostly, but definitely not limited to, CF. I'd rather not go into it. I'm not really sure how to handle it, but I think I'm doing it incorrectly.

Our winter break started as of yesterday. (Well technically, two days ago). I'm not sure if I'm happy about this? I still have to do Christmas shopping, & I wish I could feel like I'm actually on a BREAK. It wasn't a break when I was home from school for 2 weeks, and it's not a break when you have schoolwork to complete over break. breakbreakbreak. I wish there was a synonym for break. Break is breaking me.

Why does this world have so much sadness? I kinda hate it. Why can't there just be a break from sadness? Ha. I used break again.

Well that's all. I'm going to take a break from consciousness and slip into a world of dreaming. Dreaming is a break. Except when it's a nightmare. I had a nightmare the other night that someone opened our garage and snuck into the house and robbed us. I worry about that every single night. I'm also afraid of the dark. Did you know that?

Elton John's singing in my ear. Goodbye, yellow brick road. Hello bedtime. Later guys. I love every single one of you.