Today is a day where I feel worthless to this world.
I did nothing to contribute, instead, I gave for myself.
I've felt like crap, thanks cystic fibrosis.
Headache, all day.
Heart ache, for somebody that I shouldn't be aching for. Sorry Mom. I love you.
Back ache, when I sit, stand, lay down, or walk around.
Jaw ache...really? a JAW ache?
Lung ache, cough cough coughing.
2 additional treatments to soothe, but the effects seem to wear off.
Sinus rinse? Still headaches.
I can't find the ibuprofen, too lazy. I guess that means I shouldn't be complaining about all this stuff.
I'm just in the mood, I guess.
Exhaustion. All day. Everything adding to exhaustion.
I slept for 3 1/2 hours, it kind of helped.
Woke up to acid reflux, gross. I love Tums.
I took the coldest icy shower of my life, to wake me up.
I'm awake.
I ate dinner, it was yummy, but I ate it quickly because its one of the only things I've eaten today, so I feel a little sick to my stomach.
People will read this; everything is not as it seems, Carly.
Strong all the time? I think not.
Compliments, everywhere. Is this what people compliment on?
A blog post complaining?
Am I really that strong?
Because I'm feeling significantly weak right now.
I'm not living up to what people rave about.
Man, I hate cystic fibrosis.

I'm surfing tomorrow morning, with my friend Mikayla.
You better not repeat yourself tomorrow, CF.
I swear I will punch a hole in my wall.

It's just been one of those days.